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The Rubber Bubbles Story.

The year was 1978, and a local family decided to bring a little fun to the area. Rubber Bubbles was born!

  The Hemmings sold brightly colored balloons with long, white strings. Balloons were a brand new idea in the 1970’s, but they were starting to catch on.
They sold down the street, and across the region. They went out of the state and all over Vermont. They
sold balloons at concerts and festivals, and at fairs and parades. They sold on the sidewalks and walking down roads. They sold balloons at shopping malls during the holiday seasons, on weekends and during school breaks. Like the true small family business, everyone worked to help out with Rubber Bubbles.

One day, the Hemmings had an idea. It was a completely novel, fun, brand new, and totally clever new thing. It was Idea GOLD. The Hemmings invented a way to send a letter or greeting in the mail. It was a special kind of greeting, which was packed in a box. The box held an inflated balloon. You would get the message box in the mail, and when you opened it, a happy, colorful balloon would pop out. You could then read your message. It was amazing how fast the Hemmings Balloon in a Box caught on, and how popular it became!

Rubber Bubbles opened the retail location in Barre and is there still! Today the store is bigger and better than ever, with an ever-growing inventory of the best party supplies around.